The Martian – the magic of hope and hard work

I am glad we went to watch The Martian today. It was a friend’ s idea of a birthday treat- free movie show. We were hard pressed for a choice. Singh is Bling is the light hearted comedy I was rooting for but Birthday Boy put his foot down. I am glad he did. The Martian turned out to be everything that Singh is Bling, with its mundane jokes, could not ever aspire to be. ( I do like Akshay Kumar. He is the Punjabi jatt with the body te shody and martial arts skill to boot. Plus I am an ardent admirer of his wife, for all the many roles she plays exceedingly well)
I do not wish to give the plot away. But it is filled with laughter,
grit, wit and humour. The Martian is a movie which will appeal to your nerd senses as well as leave you pondering on how vast the Universe is, and how tiny you are. And how hoping for something and working towards it empowers you. Ridley Scott is a good director who knows his craft. Matt Damon, well, he grows on me with every single movie he stars in. Four stars for The Martian. Will definitely recommend it to all and sundry.

P S : Birthday Boy had to part with a lot of money, though. Two tub full of popcorn aint cheap in Select City walk. hehe.

Happiness and Wholesome Food

Last week, I wrote about a simple Assamese dinner. Today, I believe it is time to eulogise my roomie’s cooking. As you may know, or not know, she is a Tangkhul Naga from Manipur.

You may also know the absolute feeling of peace and relief which follows when a roomie calls you up to inform you that she is taking care of the dinner preparations.

So, this is a gratitude post for my angelic Lulu ( thoda sa name changed)

She has cooked a simple beef stew with tomatoes, potatoes and slight garnishing. When I say slight, I mean zero. 😉 I do not eat beef but I will most definitely partake in the stew.


There’s stir fried bitter gourd as well, just the way yours truly prefers it.


And dried fish- and -chilly chutney.

I love food. And simple meals. And roomie-cooked dinners. Is that why my first blog posts were about food? Wow. That is really telling.
I wish to write about my Korean drama addiction, the new Japanese thriller I ordered online, ( The Devotion of Suspect X), friends, life, values, how I am craving some episodes of Darker Than Black (anime), how I am re reading the best Yunjae fanfic of all time in LiveJournal – and all I end up writing about is food.

But that is how it is. No matter the season, mood or time of day, food is central to all good Tales. And I have many to tell.

Until next time.
Always Keep The Faith.

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My Assamese Kitchen

A visit to the INA Market in New Delhi will surely inspire you to rustle up something good in the Kitchen. Yours truly went there this evening, for her regular quota of Pomegranate Juice and chicken momos.

I also looked around for pressure cookers. Do not raise your brows, dear readers, friends and curious people. Pressure cooker is a girl’s best friend in this part of the world.

But I digress. INA Market.

It is an Assamese girl’s delight, to find vegetables one can only find back home. Lovely green Squashes ( very costly, though), raw Papaya, ( which you can boil with pulses and clear your colon n Karma), mustard spinach/tender green, ( perfect accompaniment for fishes), you name it.

Putting together the dinner was a breeze.

Broccoli was cut asymmetric-ally ( the only way I know how) and thrown to the frying pan with baby corn. Just a hint of garlic and turmeric. Touche.


Mustard spinach was crushed with hands and added to the pan after heating Very Less oil. Diced Garlic was casually sprinkled on top. A minute or two of stirring followed by water to bring the tender greens to a boil.

I also added Bhoot Jolokia to the stew. Bhoot Jolokia, as we know, is counted amongst the hottest chillies in the world. I did not procure it from INA Market. My roomie’s mum

had sent her a Parcel From Home recently.

For my roomie, who is a Tangkhul Naga from Manipur, I added dried beef to the stew. For myself, I put dried Rohu Fish. Bliss bliss bliss.


What is even more aww-worthy is that the rice I boiled came all the way from Assam too. Joha Chawal. Parcel From My Mommy. What can I say. Mothers are good hearted. Joha chawal is small in size and has the sweetest smell in the whole wide world.

And that is the story of how I cooked a perfect Assamese dinner. Rare occurrence, this.

Signing off.

Be good, people, keep the slate empty. Karma is a b****.

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